We would normally say rules are made to be broken, however, for the sake of everyone enjoying themselves on Vencha, we require you play by the rules.  Failure to do so could result in your account being deleted with us.

Vencha is a bully free zone, if someone is being offensive or you feel they have broken one or more of our rules, you may report the account using the button in the top, right hand corner of your screen and we will investigate the account.


Nudity or Sexual Content

If you wouldn't feel comfortable with your family seeing that photo, it probably doesn't belong on Vencha. We request you ensure your photo's are appropriate for public consumption. No nudity, no sexually explicit content, no sex toys. Photos that violate these rules may be deleted, and the most severe cases may result in account removal.

Violent or Graphic Content

We do not tolerate violent, graphic or obscene photos or profiles containing hate speech on Vencha, and will remove any such content that we identify. Any content that we deem disrespectful to others in the community may be removed, and the user banned, depending on its severity.

Children Unattended

Vencha takes no responsibility for the photo's you choose to upload. We are a 18+ app therefore we should keep our photo's that way. Any photo that appears to have children unattended may be removed without warning (even if it is you in a 10 year throwback).

Copyright Infringement

If it doesn’t belong to you, it doesn’t belong on your Vencha profile. Any of your profile content that someone else owns the copyright to (and has not granted you authorization to use) may be deleted. Please ensure you have approval before posting a picture that includes someone else in it.

Phone Numbers or Private Information

Please do not publish a phone number on your profile. Private information of any sort, such as phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, passwords or financial information is subject to removal and may result in you being banned from Vencha.