With statistics showing less than 1% of Tinder matches meet-up for an actual date, we thought dating shouldn't be so hard and designed the free dating app; Vencha.


  • Swipe to match people you like,

  • Head out for a drink with your friends,

  • Check-in at bars and clubs on a night out,

  • Meet your match while you are both out, and most likely with a group of friends. 

Using a 5km Social Distance, you can see who's checked-in at nearby bars, plan to meet-up and if you happen to hit it off the night is young, or you can plan a date the following week with someone you have already met in person.

Just because someone went to a different bar 2km away from you, doesn't mean you shouldn't have the chance of meeting up for a drink.

(Actual check-in location is never shared with other users)

Vencha takes the pressure off meeting someone socially at a bar and discourage the lazy habits facilitated by other dating apps.

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